Saturday, 3 May 2014

Internet trolls, rise above them

On the day that I launched the first draft of my website in January 2013 I contacted people on Twitter to let them know that MyCarGossip had launched. 

I was so excited to launch and was on such a high and I was getting such a great response from the Twitter community.  


Internet Trolls

Suddenly, out of nowhere I started getting really abusive Twitter messages from a Scottish driving instructor who didn't believe in review websites. 
He was being so rude and questioning the reviews that I had already gathered for the website and making threats about how he was going to report my site. It went on for about a week, at first I was replying to him because I wanted to stand up for myself but then I blocked him from my work twitter account but still kept track of what he was saying from my person twitter account. Let's just say it wasn't nice.

Domain Names:

Then one day reality hit home, I saw a tweet he had written about how he had purchased the domain and he said something like "let's see what I am going to do with this new domain I have bought" I was so upset because I had got so excited about launching my new website and then I had some man on the internet threatening to ruin it all. 

I ended up buying loads of domains associated with mycargossip so that no one else could do anything similar to this man in the future. I then just ignored this driving instructor and a few days later I noticed that he had moved on and started harassing someone else on twitter. He was obviously just a bored man with nothing to do and scared that he would get negative reviews on my website. I realised that I shouldn't have taken it personally and that there will always be people out there who want to ruin what you are trying to achieve.

I haven't had anyone do anything similar since that incident but it was a good eye-opener. 
MyCarGossip encourages people to recommend trusted driving schools, car dealerships, garages and other motoring business. We are putting word of mouth online to help motorists with their entire motoring journeys. 

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