Friday, 31 October 2014

Cosmopolitan super blogger event

Last year I went to a bloggers event that was run my Cosmopolitan to give you advice on the best way to go about creating a successful blog.

There was a really interesting panel for this event:

Emily Johnston from Fashion Fois Gras @fashionfoiegras
Louise Court who is the Editor of Bristis Cosmopolitan: @LouiseCosmoEd
Kat Williams from RocknRoll Bride: +Rock n Roll Bride
Dominic Smales @domsmales
Andreas Pouros Co-Founder and COO at Greenlight: +Andreas Pouros
Vicki Fogwill @chirpster10

We were told that it is important to be honest when blogging, to be different and to have a niche.

These are the main points that I picked up from the event:
  • Don't be afraid to repel as well as to attract people
  • Blog at the same time everyday so that your readers get into a routine.
  • Talk to readers and find out what they want
  • Check analytics's to see when people are reading
  • It's important to have good imagery on the blog

We were also told the Dos and Don'ts of blogging:

  • Don't give up
  • Do be tenacious
  • Do think about the brands you want to work with and how you can work together
  • Don't send emails demanding invites and freebies
  • Do be honest
  • Don't write things and just assume people are interested
  • Use Google to search for keyword topics
  • Do value your work- think with a business brain
  • Don't be controversial for the sake of it
  • Do use social media- tweet to big brands
  • Don't get frustrated
  • Do look at rival blogs
  • Don't misbehave on twitter
  • Do network
  • Don't just sit at the computer and write, you can find inspiration outside the house. 
Since the event I have been putting all these tips into practice for the blog on my website MyCarGossip. 

It was a brilliant event and we even got a bag full of beauty products to take home!

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